Show Pony Gallery

501 Franklin Ave Suite 4

Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Show Pony Gallery is a highly-curated space that shoulders neutrality and yields itself to another; thereby explicating the adjacencies between identity, practice, and output.

Show Pony is wheelchair accessible .

Show Pony is sober space.

Please Come as Fragrance Free as Possible ( We do share a building with a hair salon and nail salon, however we try our best)

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Join us July 19th

5pm for an

Evening of Readings

From Our

Featured Artist

Rebecca Mir Grady and 

Special Guests

Caroline Picard 

Devin King


Rebecca Mir Grady is a painter, photographer, jeweler, and writer living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Born in Alaska and raised in Maine, her creative sensibility is steeped in saltwater and mountains. When she was too little to walk she was pulled around on a sled by a german shepherd called Namer. Her work is focused on the perplexing character of interactions with the natural world. She holds an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work can be found at . 

Caroline Picard is a writer, publisher, and curator. Her writing has appeared in Artslant, ArtForum(critics picks), Flash Art International, and Paper Monument, among others. She is the Executive Director of the Green Lantern Press—a nonprofit publishing house and art producer in operation since 2005. Fiction and comics appear under the name Coco Picard. Her first graphic novel, The Chronicles of Fortune, was published by Radiator Comics in 2017.


Devin King is the poetry editor for The Green Lantern Press. A narrative poem, The Grand Complication, is out now from Kenning Editions. Previous books and chaps: CLOPS, These Necrotic Ethos Come the Plains, and The Resonant Space. Criticism on poetry and sound studies can be found at The Chicago Review, Make Magazine, Plume Poetry, Dusted, and Critical Inquiry.

Image Courtesy Of Rebecca Mir Grady

Image Courtesy Of Caroline Picard 

Image Courtesy Of Devin King

Make Queer His/Her/Theirstory

Drawing Workshop

June 9th



A People’s Museum of LGBTQ History is a socially engaged artwork that brings people together in the creation of a grassroots archive, telling the stories of everyday LGBTQ+ people. The public is invited to a drawing workshop with the art collective AK/OK (Kate Jarboe + M. Wright), to contribute to this project — all are welcome!

Each participant will receive a free custom silkscreened T-shirt, in an exchange of creative labor for their contribution to the project. The resulting collection of drawings and stories will travel internationally to galleries and public spaces, as an homage to the LGBTQ+ people we collectively remember, whose stories have largely been untold. 

Writing Ourselves Free:

A Workshop for Queer & Trans Community

with Jacks McNamara

Sunday June 16th


In this 2 hour writing workshop we will experiment, play, and have the opportunity to share what we create in community with other queer, trans, and gender-creative folks. We will get inspired by examples of brave and gorgeous queer writing, and we’ll use writing prompts to get our own juices flowing around themes related to identity, courage, and the future. Workshop is open to folks writing in all genres.


This workshop is being offered at Show Pony Gallery as part of the month-long exhibition 50 Years of Fight/50 Years of Future. 50 years is a group show centered around Trans Futurity that includes the work of local trans, genderqueer, and other non-binary artists.


This workshop is led by Jacks McNamara. Jacks is a genderqueer writer, healer, teacher, and artist based in Santa Fe, NM. Jacks is the author of Inbetweenland, a poetry collection published by Deviant Type Press, as well as the co-author of Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness and the creator of numerous zines. Jacks co-founded The Icarus Project, an organization working at the intersection of mental health and social justice.


Location: Show Pony Gallery. 501 Franklin Ave. Suite A, Santa Fe.

Date: Sunday June 16th, 2-4 pm

Access info: Show Pony is a wheelchair accessible, sober space. Please come as fragrance-free as possible. If you need ASL interpretation, please

Cost: By donation. Suggested donation is $10-20, no one turned away.

Heading 1

Time Beings Performance: Vortexting The Muses

Ritual for the Divine Theminine



Show Pony Gallery

Please Join us in an Interactive Performance, beginning at 6pm
About the Ritual: For Vortexting the Muses

-a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration
-an instance or period of reflection
-gaze thoughtfully at
-be absorbed in thought
-talk to oneself thoughtfully

etymology: Middle English: from Old French muser ‘meditate, waste time’, perhaps from medieval Latin musum ‘muzzle’.

a ritual to vortext your/a muse(s)/
a ritual to vortext the divine theminine (the non-binary forces of at the source of all creation)
a ritual to vortext a newer/older/personal/panpersonal context for ritual

invitation to participate (you may edit, reorder, rewrite this ritual according to your own musings)
-breathe, notice yourself, notice the surroundings, take as much time as you want to look, look with your eyes at the surroundings, look with your attention insideyour sensations take some time in the outside courtyards and walkways to arrive and find a query or a feeling for reception of messages/communication/ answers/feelings/clues/informations/images etc…
-gather a rock from the courtyard to take to the gallery
-sit or stand or move in the gallery for as long as you like to muse about/with your muse and perhaps receive some communication from the divine theminine which lives inside you and everywhere always
-offer your rock to one of the bowls of water in the gallery
-gather a ribbon from the gallery and weave it into the courtyard lattice
-write/draw a postcard to yourself with a reminder of your communication, or a drawing from your state of consciousness or etc… and we will send it to you later
-write/draw on the large paper to share your vortexting communique to others at this ritual/ performance