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Show Pony Gallery is a highly-curated space that shoulders neutrality and yields itself to another; thereby explicating the adjacencies between identity, practice, and output.

Show Pony is wheelchair accessible .

Show Pony is sober space.

Please Come as Fragrance Free as Possible ( We do share a building with a hair salon and nail salon, however we try our best)


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Towards The Sun

Israel Haros Lopez


"Towards the Sun"  Special Two Week  Exhibit will feature Israel's latest book, new paintings and drawings. Toward the Sun Codex Book launch is part of a series of a longer codex that is 1,000 pages long. It has been a work in progress for the last 15 years of exploring ancestral glyph work.  After being told by an native elder that "Our ancestors didn't want us to simply copy them. They wanted us to push it forward", this notion freed up israel to explore ancestral scribing, asemic writing, from a more subconscious perspective. This current body of work is a deeper reflection into this process. "Towards The Sun Codex" is the 13th book in the series, a culmination of full color digital drawings of the last 3 years and only the second full color in the series. Also included in this latest body of work are a series of mixed media paintings from the "Anthropocene Codex" an exploration of the catastrophic mark our human and carbon foot print is leaving on this earth. The duality being illustrated by the "Towards The Sun Codex" and "Anthropocene Codex" will offer up both critical perspective, self reflection, trauma and beauty, imagination, visionary sacred geometry and relentless hope in the under takings and scope of the bigger projects being sampled in the "Toward The Sun" Pop Art Exhibit. 

Israel Haros Lopez Codex