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Show Pony Gallery is a highly-curated space that shoulders neutrality and yields itself to another; thereby explicating the adjacencies between identity, practice, and output.

Show Pony is wheelchair accessible .

Show Pony is sober space.

Please Come as Fragrance Free as Possible ( We do share a building with a hair salon and nail salon, however we try our best)

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Vortexting The Muses

Timothy Jason Reed

Opens 3.23.19

Vortexting the Muses - There is one thing that MUST be said about the work in this show - and that is - i don’t know - i don’t know is at the heart of all of this work.  

“What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the links which exist. It's not what you see that is art; art is the gap.”
Marcel Duchamp

Actively cultivating “i don’t know” is a life practice for me. Artworks emerge out of that life practice, like mushrooms. Growing from a place of “i don’t know”.   My studio is the forest, and i as the artist am not an author at all, i am the weather… coming around in patterns doing various things, subject to bigger patterns and subjecting littler patterns to the effects of my various things… 
i have sensory relationships with my art materials and allow those relationships to move me in various actions around the studio.  In exactly the same way two people have sensory/sensation  based relationships and move together in agreement in a shared space. Exactly that - a dance. Or , life together.
While the paintings are filled with what would be commonly seen as “decisions” that, i, the “artist” have made… i do not perceive them as such… my actions in the studio are perceived and performed as agreements, (disagreements), exchanges, playful bantering and 64,000 other things that can be said to describe the various ways relationship emerges and dances with itself. 
So they appear on canvas, on glass, on bricks.  Perhaps wild colors abound amidst suggestions of line, form or shape… whispers of organization… notions of grace / performances of stumbling awkwardness.

two rhetorical questions: 

Is the “art” that which is displayed in the gallery?
Or is the art what happens when “that which is displayed” creates a relationship with “that which is looking”?

-i don’t know 

timothy jason reed