50 Years Of Fight//

50 Years Of Future

Opening June 1st 6-9 pm


Trans Futurity Group Show
Co-curated by Show Pony Gallery and aung.robo.arts

This group show features work by:

Pascal Emmer
Ni Fawn
Freyr A. Marie
Jacks McNamara

Melisse Watson
Jonah Welch
Anastasio Wrobel

Over the past 50 years transpeople have fought mercilessly for their rights and for  a society that is both affirming and inclusive. This is a show to lay the seeds for our future, while we honor and remember the work and those who have passed before us.

We ask these questions in this show:

What do you see when you think about the next fifty years of your life? Do you think about it? It is a privilege to dream of a future. This is an intentional space where we ask you to dream of yours! What do we want from the next fifty years? What does trans futurity look like? What are your hopes and dreams?

Non-Binary//FTM //MTF//gender-variants//et al

Anastasio Wrobel Time To Come

Image Courtesy of Anastasio Wrobel, Time to Come – A Theory for Tomorrow 36 x 40 in acrylic paint, ink, gesso, xerox collage, sharpie on canvas

Image Courtesy of Jonah Welch, Over the Horizon 2

Image Courtesy of Freyr A. Marie, Call:Response

Image Courtesy of Freyr A. Marie, Call:Response

Ceramic Works By  Pascal Emmer, Offerings to the Trancestors

Jacks McNamara "We To Are Of The Earth"

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